Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dallas Zoo

We broke out our zoo membership and headed to Dallas!

The zoo is more fun with a group. We enjoyed the day with my mom and the Huffmans. I'm glad Julie and I have kids that like each other as much as we enjoy each other. It helps that they are the same age!

That face! This is why he gets away with so much. 

It was hot and the kids were worn out by the end of the day. 

We couldnt' be happier about 4 tired kids. We knew they would sleep so well!
These boys were too sweet yelling at the animals...

Everyone should have a friend. 

I love a zoo! If you want to see God's ultimate artistry Go to the ZOO! The animals are so unique and I'm always in awe of God when I look at just how much thought and care he put into a creature. If he put this much care into an animal just think of the effort and thought he put into the creation of man. 

Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."
-Genesis 1:26

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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