Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekend Review

We started off our weekend with a snow cone. 

Guys, it is so hot in Texas. Henry insisted on wearing a long sleeved shirt and I didn't argue with him. He was persistent. 

August Activities in Texas include: 
Staying inside
Going outside only to sit in some source of water. 
Wearing the most minimal amount of clothes but still looking covered. It's an art. 

Our favorite Bost cousins came for a visit. Lucy was very excited to play with Asher and Harper!

Legoland for the win. 

After a day of fun we went back to normal life and went to church and taco bueno. 

Lucy finished her new believers class at church last week. Her little class got to perform at the baptism ceremony at church on Sunday. She signed to the Creed song. We stayed and watched the baptism and I leaned over and asked Lucy what she thought. Her eyes were huge and she whispered, "Mom, I really want to be drowned like that." I thought it was the perfect way to describe baptism. Drowning and only Jesus can save you. 

And then sometimes your besties bust up in your house and celebrate good news with you. 
I'm not sure who put that together but I'm thankful for friends that just show up. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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