Friday, August 7, 2015

What we know.

So, yesterday...

We woke up and headed to Dallas. If you leave Frisco before 7 you can be downtown by 7:30. So we had thirty minutes to sit and drink coffee and split a muffin. Jonathan likes to sit quietly and I like to people watch. Hospitals are a great place to people watch. I saw a Dr. with a big bushy beard wearing a surgical bandanna over his head hair and wondered if he had to wear some kind of net over his facial hair...

We made our way up to the MRI suite. Jonathan went right back. Thirty minutes later we had his results and we walked them up to our oncologist. 

I thought about reading them myself instead of waiting for the Dr. but last time I looked at his results unassisted it made me cry. I saw two large white spots and wanted to die because they were huge and taking over his brain. Turns out they were his eyeballs. I left the results to the Dr. 

Jonathan had his physical evaluation next. He did great. We waited for our main Dr. The first thing out of her mouth when she walked in the room was Your MRI looked great. The area that we are watching has shrunk and radiation did it's job. AND I COULD BREATHE. 

Although the cancer is not gone we know that treatment is working. We start our maintenance chemo on Monday. We will do 5 days of chemo a month for at least a year. This chemo will be at a higher dosage. 

Please continue to pray for Jonathan. 
1. Side effects are minimal. 
2. Treatment does it's job
3. We see God's hand in this everyday. He has been so present. I know He is always present but to see Him at obvious constant work is beautiful. (and addicting)

Other news, Jonathan can now drive! He was very excited about this. I handed over that control this morning along with his truck keys. 

I know all of this is possible only through God. Only God could do this. We are overwhelmed at His graciousness and goodness. He is amazing and awesome. We are in awe of Him. 

Thank you to everyone who called, sent text, emailed and facebooked your prayers yesterday. I loved hearing from all of you and loved seeing a lot of you sporting your team Jonathan shirt!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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Mary Jane said...

Great news!! I'm so glad you are not only seeing God's graciousness in the everyday, but in the physical as well. Love you all!