Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites.

{one} Lucy. 
When I was pregnant with Lucy I was so worry about her activity in the womb. I remember asking the Dr. "Can a baby be too active?" Because that kid was constantly moving. My belly looked like an ocean. The Dr. laughed and gave me a you're stupid look and then proceeded with my exam. As soon as he put his stethescope on my bare belly he experienced the ocean waves and a firm kick. He said, "Yep, she's going to be a spit-fire!" He called it. 

Yesterday, Lucy and I, went to her school for family fun night. As soon as she arrived she started hugging people, kids started waving and calling out her name, and teachers hugged her. I felt like I was walking with a celebrity. My favorite part is when she walked up to a crowd of teachers to talk to the principal! In a robot voice she said, "Hello! This is my mom, Mary Bost! Mom, this is my best friend the principal! She isn't scary. She is super nice!" 

I prayed for a kid that wasn't shy because I was so shy as a kid. My mom would tell you I was painfully shy. She had to pack my lunches because I was too shy to tell the lunch lady what I wanted to eat... 

{two} Marci.
My BFF is coming to Dallas for a night. I'm super excited to hug on her and love on her Joseph!

{three} The great closet clean-out.
My BFF, Pam, is a J.Hilburn stylist. She sells custom mens clothes. Part of her service as a stylist is to do a total closet session. She sits with you after going through your closet and helps you fill in the gaps. I have a total session cleanout post for Monday and more about her. We had a blast sorting the closet. Next, I'm going to make her help me sort my side!

Life is short. Jonathan and I have always planned on traveling the world once our kids were older. Why wait? We are going to start with the happiest place on earth.

I want to thank everyone who has sent text, emails, phone calls, cards, and even dinner this week. I've had a hard week. We've had a hard week. But tonight is the last night of chemo and after the weekend Jonathan should feel more like himself.

I'm linking up with a few Friday Favorite blogs.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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