Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites.

{one} The Cobles have moved into their new house and we have been able to visit them several times! I love that they live closer to us now and that our kiddos will be able to grow up together. Henry has a new best friend in Preston. 

{two} I love lazy weekends. We are homebodies. We enjoyed our extra day to relax last weekend and short work week. 

{three} Pizza. I love pizza. I persuaded Manna and Emily to join bible study this year and we all attended our groups on Wednesday. After our study we went to lunch. At lunch, Henry yelled, "My Penis hurts!" and whipped down his pants to show us. This would be okay  but we were at a ladies who lunch restaurant....

{four} I'm the worst mom ever. I hate bringing my kids to activities. Lucy has soccer on Thursdays. Which is great but I have to entertain Henry for 1.5 hours. We visited the park which is next to a splash pad. 
and then my sweet boy rode home naked. :0

{five} Not a favorite but a request. Jonathan starts his 2nd round of chemo on Monday. We are upping the dosage. I'm praying that he tolerates the new dosage, he reacts well to the new dosage, his energy level is maintained, and it kills the cancer. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 


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