Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Great Closet Clean out.

Meet Pamela. Pam is a J.Hilburn stylist. She sells fancy custom made men's clothing. She helps design and select patterns and styles that best suit your body. I'm glad the art of dressing up is not dead. Pam could sell you a shirt and call it a day but she thinks of herself as a full service personal stylist. Since she is my Bestie I didn't feel guilty about calling her to help me sort Jonathan's side of the closet and use her expertise in the personal stylist department. 

 So this is what we started with...

My kids actually think of my closet as their personal playground and like to hide behind the pants...

This is Jonathan's favorite orange velour shirt... We had to keep it.. He's loved it longer than he has loved me...

Pam was excited to find this Texas A&M shirt. We are just trying out new team colors... Just kidding, once a razorback always a razorback. Even when they break your heart... over and over... Jonathan used to write the ticket software for A&M and was gifted this shirt...
Jonathan has lost some weight since starting cancer treatment. Some of his favorite shirts look a little over-sized on him now. Pam went through the closet measuring each shirt and pulling out what would be too big. We made a donate pile of things he shouldn't be wearing, a too big pile of nice clothes and anything that fits we hung back up. (Actually, I sat in a chair and watched Pam do all of this...) 
 And this is what he was left with. All clothes that fit and are acceptable to wear in public. (minus the A&M shirt and orange velour) Since Pam is an Aggie she hung her favorite shirt in front.
 and pants.
 While Pam rifled through the closet, I went through all of her J. Hilburn material. There are some beautiful fabrics to choose. I love the details of monograms and button holes! (Monogram everything!)

This may seem like a commercial but I really love Pam and what she does. On top of that she is one of my favorite people. She loves Jesus. She loves her husband. She taught me it's okay for boys to wear smocked outfits after 2. She loves to second hand shop and re-purpose items. She's big into recycling. And she loves to laugh. 

Now, you may want to use her services too. Maybe your husband leaves the house looking a mess or wears outdated clothes, or maybe they wear over-sized clothes or maybe he needs to add to his business attire. She can help: Casual, Formal, Business. She does it all and she doesn't discriminate against the stylishly unable. 

Pam Kelso 

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