Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites: Henry David (cussing)

Just a couple of Henry stories. 

1. Henry came home from school talking about his best friend Lamb. Lamb? "Yes Lamb, like the animal, mom!" I asked the teacher about Lamb and she said there wasn't a kid in his class by that name. We quickly figured out that he was talking about LIAM! 

2. Shoes.  
Mary: Henry put on your shoes!
Henry: I can't mom they screw my feet up...
Mary: Excuse me?
Henry: My shoes screw my feet all up!
Mary: What? 
Henry: My shoes screw my feet up and make them bleed and leave lines...
Mary: Do you mean scratch your feet up?
Henry: Yes screw my feet up...

3. Henry is a little OCD. Here is his latest coloring. Not to bad for a 3 year old. He's also been practicing his H. 

4. This isn't a favorite. Henry has been visiting us during the middle of the night. He always says he is scared. I asked him what he was scared of and he replied, "The big ole pumpking comes rolling in my room and it has cut out eyes and says OOO!"

He's a funny kid. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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