Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Henry update...

I received lots of advice on Henry and his sleeping. Monday night he slept 6-4, 4-7 and Tuesday night he slept 8-6:30. 

Our new routine. 
1. Start early. I remember doing this with Lucy. She was in bed by 5:30 because after 7 she would get second wave of energy and be up until 9. So we start early. 
2. No TV after 3. That's prime run around get tired time. 
3. Dinner, Bath, Story, Milk, Prayers, Snuggles,  Bed. 
4. I blacked out his room. There isn't a peep of light coming in. 
5. No more night lights. 
6. Oils. I've been doing Young Living sleepize for months. I made a pillow spray of ceder-wood, lavender, and peace and calming. I rubbed him down with lavender and ceder-wood. I diffused ceder-wood. He slept like a champ. 
7. If he gets out of his bed his triceratops will be taken away... (this might be what works for him)
8. I pray all night long for this kid to sleep. (Thanks JC!) 

Lucy said, "I know what you are doing... You are trying to make Henry tired." 
Thank you all for the advice. Keep it coming. I'll try anything to keep this kid in bed...

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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