Monday, October 5, 2015

Texas Adventure- Glen Rose.

We spent the weekend in Glen Rose, Texas at the Rough Creek Lodge. We had a fun, relaxing family weekend! We will definitely go back!

After Lucy got home from school we loaded up the car and headed to pick up Jonathan from work.

Part of our package was a loaner car... not too bad of a ride. I can see why people like these, it drives like a dream! (blur for dramatic effect)

Once we arrived in Glen Rose we changed clothes for our dinner reservation. We enjoyed a three course dinner while the kids enjoyed the kids buffet.

 Do you know the worst part about dining with kids? After we finished our first course they were done with their dinner. We had to listen to Are you done yet? Can we go?

Saturday morning after breakfast we tried out the zip-lines. Lucy was super pumped about this.  

I thought I would join her for moral support but once I got up there I was regretting my decision. Lucy gave the countdown and when she said go! I thought well, she probably won't jump and I don't have to do this because it was high! After she said Go! she jumped... So.. I did too!

 Lucy was a professional and probably zip-lined 25 times. It really was fun after the initial jump.

This guy did some jumping of his own!

After the zip-line we made our way to the mule rentals. We had an hour on a mule to check out the property. Rough Creek is 11,000 acres. That is huge!

On top of Gunn Mountain.

 Henry's face in these pictures....

 Lucy took our picture and then gave us direction on how to pose.

Make a silly face.

Make a sad face..

 This would be our Christmas card if someone was looking... He told me he was smiling at the mountain way over there.

 It was so nice to be out in the open and away from everyone and all distractions. The weather was perfect too!

 Rough Creek is very family oriented. The kids played golf.

Rode ponies.


Golf again.

This guy was serious about hunting!

 So after our first nights dinner we knew we didn't want a repeat of that evenings meal. So, we sent our kids to the kids ranch and enjoyed some 1 on 1 time. I love eating and talking with my love.

Sunday after breakfast we loaded up and headed home.

 But before we left glen rose we had to stop at the drive through safari.

 Jonathan fed a zebra. Then I fed a zebra. We told the kids they should feed one because they were just eating gently out of our hands.

 This was the zebra the kids fed.... I wish you could hear the screams from the backseat!

It was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to go back!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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