Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Review: Halloween.

We started our Halloween festivities Friday night at our churches big fall festival! We love this event because it is a great community outreach program and the candy...

Anna and Mr. Shark. 
The day of the party I told the kids to run upstairs and pick their costumes out of the costume bucket in the playroom. I'm not into stimulating the economy... 

We arrived a little early to the church and tested all the game lines before it got crowded... Actually there were no lines and my kids got to play all the games before anyone arrived... I cheated, wait- Brain Cancer! 

We were first in line for the balloon animals! A pink poodle and yellow elephant!
Blurry but you can see no one has arrived. 
Jonathan met up with us and we ate and he took the kids home. I worked our class booth. (I'm trying to redeem myself to y'all for the cheating of the lines... Sure I got to work it with my friends but that's not the point.)

Halloween night!
Again, I told the kids to go pick their costume out of the playroom and Lucy chose to be a witch and Henry chose the shark. 

Lucy wanted spider webs, lightening strikes and a beauty mark. 

Henry wanted bubbles. 
Our buddies joined us for chili and trick-or-treating!

I love, love, loved that the Kelso's showed up in costume! 

Pam the cheerleader & Mary the ninja. 

Jonathan the Home Depot Worker & Paxton the jock. 

My next favorite part of the night was running into our neighbor the wolf. He looked at me and I looked at him and he said, "It's you!" Last year we saw this kid creeping on us, every time we would turn around he would jump behind a mailbox. I had this wonderful idea to scare him. As he hid behind a mailbox, I walked down the street pretending I forgot something and then I jumped out and scared this kid to death. I've never laughed so hard.... I'm glad he remembered it. 

Lucy and I had a girls afternoon on Sunday. I miss this big girl during the week. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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