Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Early Friday morning I was enjoying my cup of coffee in the silence of the Christmas tree lights. When all of the sudden my oldest arrived and asked if it was time for Christmas!!
 Santa brought filled the kids stockings. Actually, they both know Santa is not real and it's a game. We all wink when we say Santa. This is probably the last Christmas that we talk about that guy. Also, our elf has been sitting in the same spot for 2 weeks.
 Christmas Trees.

 After everyone woke, we opened stockings first.

 And then their three gifts under the big tree.

 After presents we enjoyed our breakfast of sausage casserole and fruit. (Lucy helped make the crust, she is quite the cook) (and to my friends who wanted the recipe, I forgot to send it to you.)
 After the kids ate and were busy playing with their toys in the living room, we brought out the last and final gift.

We called the kids into our den and their sat a giant box wrapped in paper. Excitement filled the air again. They ripped into the package and revealed this-

 They are both very excited.

 All the surprises were revealed and we began to pack for our trip to Arkansas.

Christmas time in Arkansas again- (that is Jonathan's favorite song)

We enjoyed Jonathan's family! The cousins love playing together.

 No Christmas is complete without a pajama picture.

 Our last Christmas gathering was with all the Bosts. We gather, we visit, we eat.

 This is the longest review ever.

But if I shortened it you would miss Delta and I in our matching pajamas.

 We have to reintroduce our kids to nature when we visit Arkansas. Poor Texas kids.. Kids, this is a tree... This is called topography change also known as a hill...

We ended our trip with electronics and snuggles because we were too tired to do anything else.

We arrived home last night and Henry finally wanted his picture with the mouse!

I'm thankful for family time. Jonathan has the week off and we are going to soak up togetherness as we can!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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