Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Home Tour

I love Christmas and all the decorations! I love when my house is festive and bight! Because of all life's happenings right now I put out about 1/3 the decor that I usually do. Honestly it is enough. 

Welcome to our Home. 

 Our tree is in the formal living room. It is a conglomeration of anything and everything! Mesh, Ribbon, handmade ornaments, candycanes, keepsakes, glass ornaments- they are all up there.

 Each year we get an ornament that represents our year. I haven't found the right ornament for this year but only because not a lot of people make Brain Ornaments.

 Our Dining Room.
 That Disco ball is not seasonal. She sits there proudly all year long... because she is my favorite.. and every time I pass her it makes me smile. Surround yourself with joy or disco balls- same things.

 Red and Green accents plates.

 Our cowboy tree in the den.

 I'm not sure why this is blue and if I really wanted to impress you I would go take it again but... I'm already sitting. I put the stocking away before I realized I forgot to put them out. I'm working up enough energy to dig back through the closet to retrieve them.
 My favorite tradition- The Jesse Tree! This is great for kids to focus on Jesus during the season.

 Henry's tree. I have to upgrade the kids trees this year.

 Lucy's tree.
 (blue again.. you are welcome for that)

 These are my favorite pictures. When my parents moved to Baton Rouge they left some things in their farm house. One request my mom made was, "Don't take the Santa pictures." I took those suckers right off the wall! Sorry, Mom. You can have them back.

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God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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