Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites.

 1. Sweet Celebrations.
Wednesday I attended sweet celebration at our church. The speaker spoke about how not to lose your joy or have it stolen from you during this season and then we ate chocolate.

2. Drivers Ed. 
Remember when I got that speeding ticket. Well I have until Monday to get all my information turned in to the courthouse. So Tuesday I started my defensive drivers test. I passed and I learned a lot. I don't recommend procrastinating like I did. But it is done!

3. Rug Shopping
My sister told me about a rug sale and I feel like I robbed the place. I bought 5 rugs. All for less than 1 rug I might have bought and that would have been a cheap rug...

4. Parties
We have Jonathan's work party tonight and I'm a little excited. It's disco themed and we are going 70's! Go Big or Go Home is my motto... So, we are going BIG! Thanks for all of my friends for advice and rounding up all your 70's gear!

Saturday we have our Journey Class party! I love this event. It is always fun to visit with our friends kidfree!

5. Christmas Wrapping
I finished my shopping.. Thank you Amazon Prime for your convenient shopping and free shipping. I just need to wrap and I'm done!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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