Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

{one} Walmart Grocery Pickup
This just became available in our area! It is a game changer and I am in love!! I can sit at the computer with my recipe book open and type in exactly what I need! Then I schedule a pick up time for the next day, pull up and they load the car. I mean, what could be better than that? (having them delivered but I'm not complaining)

{two} cooking
This has also made meal planning easier! I have two screens at my desk and one has the walmart ordering page up and the other has my pinterest boards. I'm actually cooking again! I cooked three times last week- I'm pretty much winning at life!

Chicken and wildrice- pinterest recipe

Just a helpful tip that I recently learned. Instead of shredding chicken with a fork and knife and pulling and pulling, I just stick it in my kitchen-aid mixer and spin it around a few times. It saves time and clean up isn't bad. 
Did y'all know that I love brussel sprouts. 

 I also made 8 dozen cookies for our cookie exchange.

{three} Rebecca 
One of the greatest things about this cancer thing is meeting people who have gone or are going through the same thing. My friend Rebecca is a blessing. Her husband Wayne was diagnosed with the exact cancer that Jonathan has two months before us. She loves Jesus and writes beautifully about him. She also has 6 girls and home-schools them all. (That makes me tired to think about but I'm sure God just gave her more energy than me :)) I loved her post from today about her year review. She's always so positive. 

{four} Ladies in purple
I had to snap a picture after our exercise class on Wednesday because we were all sporting the same color! I love that I get to hang out with my friends even if it is just to exercise! 

Julie, Me and Heather
(Heather is 6 months pregnant! Doesn't she look fantastic!)
  Maybe I should start wearing a headband too...

{five} Chores
Lucy came home and asked to rake the leaves... Why yes, yes you can! 

{six} Nintendo
Lucy loves to play xbox with her daddy. Mainly just minecraft. Well, Henry wanted to play too but if you have ever played a game with a 3 year old you know that is is not very productive. We just handed him a remote to another console (fake remote) and he had the best time. Ever once in a while he would get frustrated because his person wasn't doing what he wanted it to do...

You can see Lucy was in control.

{seven} Laundry
Marci, don't read this!!!!

I piled all the clean laundry on my bed and sat and folded. That's a weeks worth of laundry I had accumulated. But it's folded. Sure I still have to put it away but I'm trying...

Christmas is in a week! EEK! I love Christmas! I'm so excited for my kids to be out of school so we can sleep in and celebrate Jesus!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it!

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