Monday, December 14, 2015

Power of Prayer.

I've tried to write this post 5 times and every post is worst than the first.
For example:
1.When Satan attacks.
2.Discontentment and coveting.
3.When safe places become toxic.
4. Did y'all know my kids want to eat 3 times a day?
5. I can't juggle.

Satan has been attacking lately. He's attacking me. My kids health. My friends.

So, I'm writing this because Satan attacks us all everyday. He finds our weaknesses and preys on it. So maybe you are experiencing this as well.

We need a game plan. We need a strategy.

Thankfully God has given us one.


I've recently been praying about a few specific things and within a day or two God has answered them. Not just wow, that worked out but in a "Hey, it's me, I've got this! Thanks for bringing it to me, I've been waiting on you" kind of way.

Does God always answer prayers in this way? - No. He's not a wishing well or vending machine. But He cares what is truly on your heart and He wants to hear from you. Jesus is petitioning for you as well! He loves to bring glory to His Kingdom!

So, Let's pray. Let's pray together. Let's pray for each other. Let's just get on our knees and pray.

If you feel discontentment. Pray. That's Satan. If you feel it stirring around, all you  have to do is call out Jesus' name. There is power in just His Name.

If you feel coveting or lust merge it's head. Yell his Name. He is protection.

If you feel comparison start to steal your joy. Drop to your knees and pray. Yell his name. Ask him to take it off your heart and out of your life.

Don't attack people for your insecurities. Instead, drop to your knees.

Got Fatigue? Yell for Help!

Satan attacks in a multitude of ways. Whatever it is. Big or Small. Get to your knees. Let's combat that guy. I'm looking for someone to fight! (but JC and my Mom told me to stop saying, "Bring it on.")

Satan is getting the best of people and we need to battle that.

When we pray. It's just as important to pray for ourselves and our character as it is for other people.
- Take the time and evaluate your heart. What areas do you need to work on? Where is your heart ugly? Where can you improve? ( I do this every morning because we live in a non perfect world and sin/satan rear it's head everyday)

We have the power to change but only through JC.

I can't fix your problems. My friends can't fix your problems. We aren't big enough to take it on.
But I know who is...

Bring it to Jesus and He will take it to His Father.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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