Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Goal.

I sat down this morning to review my goals from last year to see how I did in accomplishing them.

1. Reclaim my house from the kids.- This is a daily battle. I feel like I took control of the downstairs but I really don't care what they do upstairs. We are working on organizing toys and donating excess. 

2. Drink more water... 5 liters a day... I did not accomplish this but I did drink more water. 

3. Save more. Spend less. Stop consuming this world... I'm thankful we made this a goal. We met our health insurance deductible twice this year so we didn't do much in the saving department but we didn't consume things we didn't need. 

4. Love JC more than I did last year... Grow and strengthen my friendship and love for Jesus. 
- Well he helped me accomplish this goal. I wouldn't be where I am spiritually if we didn't have such a rough 2015. 

So my goal for this year....

To lay broken at Jesus' feet. 

I want to lay in complete surrender at his feet. When I am broken, he is so close. (Jesus, I feel like I am broken enough. No need to add to my cracks... Unless you do and then I know you will get us through..) I want my daily needs to be met only through him. I want to be in total dependence morning and night with him getting me through the day. I want to look up and Jesus be the only thing I see. He is my focus. 

If you need me in 2016 you know where to find me. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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