Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Review x2

I wrote down some personal goals for the new year and I forgot to start at the beginning of the year, (I've been too busy laying broken at Jesus' feet and doing laundry, and recovering from Christmas/school starting) so today starts the beginning of my personal goals, which include: blogging on regular basis- I even made a schedule, drink more water, exercise consistently, prayer journal.

Last weekend I met with my internet/brain cancer wife friend Rebecca. Rebecca is from the Chicago area and her and her family were traveling through Dallas on their way to San Antonio. Jonathan and I met them at the cracker barrel and had a wonderful time visiting face to face. I'm so thankful she was who she said she was and not a serial killer. 

Henry and I attended a birthday party last Monday for his best buddy and this is the only picture I have... 
 Poor Lucy- she is so tender-headed that we can barely get a brush through her hair. (My mom is laughing because she totally gets this from me) She has been growing her hair out to be like Rapunzel but we finally talked her into a hair cut.

  Tis the season for Birhtday parties. Lucy was invited to a painting party for a friends birthday! This was the cutest party. All the girls had so much fun! Frisco moms, Jenny Japp does parties and lessons for kids and she is so sweet and so good! Jenny Japp-

I think this would make a great girls event too!

 Waiting on our girls to finish painting!

Look at those dragon flies!
 We've had family in town and a stomach bug throughout the week but we have all survived. (I'm not too sure it was a stomach bug, I think it was jumping on the couch after dinner...)

If you are still reading could you pray for our family. Jonathan had to prosponed chemo last week due to his low blood count. This past blood test showed that his blood test was barely at the limit to start chemo. We are starting chemo today or tomorrow, depending on when our medicine arrives. Could y'all pray that he stays healthy this week during treatment, that he has limited physical affects from medicines (but also that medicine is effective) and that the kids stay healthy to stay around Jonathan?

While we are praying together, will you pray for our upcoming trip to Disney- specifically that everyone stays healthy, the weather is nice, and the crowds are low... (we picked the lowest crowd week..) This is our first vacation as a family of four.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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