Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Review

When I decided to make Monday weekend review day I didn't take into account that we are the most boring people ever...

Friday at the gym I told my friends we look like we are in a shoe commercial... Look at those colors!

 This has been my meal of choice this week. I'm obsessed with eggs.. morning, noon and night, I've been eating eggs.
 The Cobles came for a visit on Friday. We enjoyed pizza together and then they took my kids for the weekend to avoid chemo weekend. I'm thankful for family to help out when I need them.

While the kids were away I decided to put away the mounds of laundry, which led to pulling out rhealana clothes, which led to reorganizing closets...

Everyone has been talking about this konmari book, the art of tidying up and most people love it. I don't have time to read and I promised I wouldn't add another book to my bookshelf so I watched a YouTube video (FOUND HERE) and I'm pretty much a folding professional. Every drawer in our house is perfectly folded.

(I also watched a YouTube on card shuffling tricks, so next time I'm playing cards with friends I'm going to look like a shuffling master...)

 I picked the kids up yesterday and they were not happy that I was taking them away from their cousins... Lucy told me that was so rude to cut into her playing time and Henry told me that He just got there... They were both very tired and we loved having them at home.

 Sometimes I get a package in the mail and I think, "Oh no, what did you order, Mary?" because sometimes I can't remember... This time a sweet someone sent me this CD. Thank you anonymous amazon user, It's going in my car today!

Thank you for praying for Jonathan this past week. Today is the hardest day of recovery. (Usually Sunday but we didn't start until Tuesday, making today the hardest) It's when he feels nauseated the most. We've been fighting the pain since 3 this morning. If you could continue praying for a quick recovery 1. for him, nausea is not fun. 2. our vacation starts in 5 days.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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