Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Review

Our weekend started off with a little sister time. Laura and I are a little addicted to estate sales/garage sales right now. I think this addiction will only get worst as the season really opens up... 

 When I arrived home I was greeted with a package. People are so thoughtful. Every time someone does something nice for us Jonathan looks at me and says we have really got to be nicer to people...

 Friday was a busy night. Lucy had soccer practice and a birthday party. Thankfully someone delivered dinner to our house so that was one less thing to worry about! See, people are really nice to us...

Saturday, Jonathan and I had a couples massage at a spa. My favorite part was us waiting in the relaxing area. Jonathan looked at me and said, "How long do we sit here? 10 minutes, man, I should have brought my phone..." I on the other hand had no problem going into relaxing mode.

After a relaxing morning we picked up the kids and headed to soccer.

Short side story- My parents watched my kids while we had our date. They went to Panera in Frisco. After lunch they were walking out to the car and a lady backed into them. Not into their car but into my family. Thankfully my dad reacted and banged on the back windshield and yelled out (which is funny thinking about my quiet dad yelling). I was told if she didn't stop Henry would have been under the tire... After my parents got themselves and my kids out of the way, the lady drove off...  This was a mom with a child in the car and she drove off.. without checking on anyone. Let's use this as a lesson to slow down... use your backup cameras... and if you hit a person, a quick rolling down of the window and apology would be appropriate.

Rant over...

After my family almost died we went on with life and watched Lucy play soccer.

We ended Saturday at a card playing tournament with a group of people who we are thinking about going on a card playing tour with this summer. Don't worry it's a Christian league.

Church, lunch, nap and laundry. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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