Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekly Happenings

 Things that have happened this week....

Monday, Henry and Daddy practiced using the light saber in the closet. I love how Henry is looking at his daddy.
 Lunch with Aunt Emily after errands.
 I cooked this week. Mississippi Roast for the win. (It was in the New York Times so you know it's good)
 Tuesday, we got up bright and early and headed towards Dallas for Jonathan's Dr. appointment and MRI. Good News, we got another stable scan. Other good news- Jonathan stole the MRI socks he was suppose to throw away. How about that for recycling...
 Wednesday, Bible study and lunch with my loves.

Wednesday night we attended our first swim lessons!

 They both did great! I'm already looking forward to the summer and all the swimming!

 Thursday, I worked on my rhea lana items! I have a lot of work but not a lot of items so I'm looking forward to finishing!
 After school I told Lucy it was homework time. She quickly followed up with "I'm too busy snuggling my brother." I mean.. the sweetest!
Friday, Lucy stayed home sick today. Turns out she has a red, puffy throat and eczema. Prayers for Jonathan as his lab results showed his immune system is down. Pray it quickly boosts and he is ready for chemo on Monday!

Praise for the weekend!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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