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Today I am linking up with KellysKorner blog. She had a series called Show us your life and she is bringing it back! I love a link-up for many reasons: I'm nosy and like to read about people and how they live, I don't have to come up with a topic, and you get to meet people you might never meet in real life.

Today's topic- Introduction

My name is Mary Bost. I have been blogging for 7.5 years. I started this blog when Lucy was just 3 months old to record our family memories. I love being able to look back and see exactly what we were doing 7 years ago! I'm not sure I would remember some of the details of the past years if they weren't written down...

Besides my family, I write about Jesus, food, hippi-living (I'm not a hippi but they intrigue me with their clean eating and their recycling), thrifty finds, friends, and a little about surviving cancer (I don't have cancer but my husband does and we are in this together).

So, about me... I'm 31 years old. My husband is Jonathan. We have been married for almost 9 years. He loves the computers and programming and minecraft, I love him so it's a good combination. We have a 7.5 year old daughter Lucy and a (almost 4) 3 year old Henry. I have a degree in architecture from the University of Arkansas that I've never used... I stay at home with the kids. I enjoy bible study, gym time with my friends, eating dessert and watching netflix in bed after the kids are in bed.

Lucy was our surprise baby. Three months after saying "I Do" we said, "Oh crap"... just kidding. We were too young to be scared and I'm thankful for that! Lucy is in the first grade. She is funny. She is always doing crazy voices and dancing. Not ballet but mainly just crazy dancing. She is smart. She is kind. She is important. When I was pregnant I prayed that this child would not be shy. (I was shy until I learned people are people- who cares) Guys, this kid has never met a stranger and she bubbles over with personality.

Henry was the baby we had to work for... After having an easy time conceiving with Lucy we were a little confused why it took so long to get pregnant with Henry. After 9 months of trying and a little help from a doctor we were finally pregnant. Each of our pregnancies brought us closer to the Lord- Lucy- God's timing is perfect, Henry- God is close to the broken-hearted, Mary Bost's plans are not God's plans and patience, God's timing is perfect... Henry is smart. He knows all the dinosaurs and can tell you if they are carnivores or herbivores and what period they lived during. He is funny too. And OCD. I've never met a kid who needed to have order...

We moved from Northwest Arkansas to Texas three years ago. We love our North Dallas town and feel like this is exactly where God wanted us to be.

Lastly, Jonathan was diagnosed with Grade 3 Astrocytoma Brain Cancer last year after suffering a grand-mal seizure. Our lives went from perfectly normal to upside down in one night... The last year we have done a crainiotomy,  radiation, chemo and learned to live a new life with all the normal stuff and cancer on top. We are currently on round 8 (starts Monday) of 24 rounds of chemo.

At the end of the day- God's been really good to us and I've been in awe of all the provisions even in the ugly times.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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