Wednesday, March 2, 2016

{March Goals}

Maybe if I write it down on the internet I'll actually do it...

1. Start my day with Jesus. 
My quiet time has been lacking in the early morning. I've substituted a little extra sleep for Jesus-time.  So far, I've been getting up with my first alarm, 5:20 comes early! It makes such a difference when I start my day in the word and prayer before everyone gets up. 

2. Invite a family over for dinner. 
The last two dinners I've scheduled have been cancelled due to chemo week being changed. So, I'm going to make those up. 

I told a friend I was going to have two families over at a time for dinner to get to know new/old people in our class and so far I've had zero people over. This friend said that is a good idea and actually followed through with the dinners and has cycled through many families. 

3. Eat healthier. 
Remember when I said the Bosts weren't going to eat anything that God didn't make. Well, we've been slacking- I've been sneaking chocolate and cheetos have made their way back into our pantry... Also, stick to my meal plan. 

4. Exercise more. 
I have to stop planning appointments during my gym time. I'm in a better mood when I make it to the gym. 

5. Read a book. 
Y'all know I have an obsession with books. Mainly buying books and then not reading them. Well, my accountability partner and I are going to read a book on prayer. Hopefully that will start a reading obsession and I'll cycle through my nightstand books.

6. Rock the Stay-cation Spring Break!
We have little plans all throughout the week!

This is more a to-do list rather than a goals list but whatevs..

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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