Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend Review: Long Weekend

I started a Friday Favorites but then my ADD got the best of me and I forgot about it... good news, half of my weekend update is already complete from Friday! ADD for the win!

Let's start with Thursday:

I loved celebrating Easter with Henry's class on Thursday! He was so excited to show me all of his friends and toys. I'm amazed at how much he has grownup over the year. He walks in and puts all of his stuff away and then sits down and plays with toys quietly with his friends... Preschool is the best!

 I dropped my kids off with my sister and traded my two for her oldest.... Not a fair trade. Taylor is 12 and is pretty much an adult. I took him to the mall to here his favorite author, Brandon Mull, give a little talk and then we stood in line for an hour to get TLC's book autographed.

 I made him take these pictures.

 Love this kid!

 I asked Taylor if he wanted me to take a picture for him and he said, "No, I'll just take a selfie." Kids this age like the selfies. Off topic story- Taylor and I were waiting in line and I caught a kid taking selfies of himself but instead of being normal I made sure to make great faces in the background of all his pictures! I'm sure he will love our pictures together.

Friday the kids were out of school. Mama picked me up and we headed to Flower Mound to get the kids and to hit a few estate sales and lunch with our faves. Addison asked her mom the other day, "Mom, after school, Can we hit a few garage sales?" So of course we took her with us!

 When I arrived home I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh hot cookies delivered to my door.

 But not as excited as Lucy!

Saturday night Lucy reminded me that the Easter bunny was suppose to come. Since she knows that I am the Easter bunny she was right to remind me... Also, both of my kids know that Santa, Easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc. are just a game... so I apologize if they out it to your kids. I've asked them not to but if you are looking for a way to break it to your kids bring them to my house.
 Henry got some Dino love.
 Lucy got some new shopkins! I'm still not sure the purpose of shopkins but my Lu sure does love them!
 Easter Sunday I took the kids to church. Jonathan was still feeling the effects of chemo so he stayed home. After church we picked Jonathan up to have a little crawfish boil over at my parents. Just like the disciples we feasted on crawfish to celebrate our resurrected king!
 Lucy was in charge of entertaining the kids. She thought karaoke was appropriate. Preston entertained us by listing all his favorite dinosaurs!

 This guy has my whole heart.

 Emily invited her new friend from church over. My parents love to feed people so they were very excited to have extra people!

 We ended the festivities with an Easter Egg hunt. These boys were too excited!

 And Henry was asleep by 5! Lucy was in bed by 6:30. And I went to bed and actually went to sleep at 7! It was the best 10.5 hours of sleep of my life.

Fun was had by all!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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