Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Review

It's Spring Break!!!

We slept in this morning until 7:20!! It was amazing not to set an alarm! We don't have big vacation plans but we do have some fun things planned for the week! Now let's review the weekend

Friday- Jonathan was told to work Fridays at home. We are so excited to have him home and at the end of the day he just walk out of the study and we don't have to wait on his commute time for him to get home. But Henry and I have to find something to do during the day because apparently we are loud... So Friday we spent the late afternoon with Manna and then she made us dinner. After dinner we had soccer practice. After soccer practice we enjoyed smores by the fire. It was a good ending to the week. 

Saturday- We had an early soccer game. Henry is at the fun age that he can entertain himself during soccer. We watched him run up the hills and roll down them... x 1 million. 

 After soccer, Lucy taught Henry how to do the monkey bars.

Jonathan and I worked on the yard and made some plans for yard improvement. We had a babysitter Saturday night and we headed down to highland park for a little dinner. When I said a little dinner I really mean we ate everything. Hibiscus is known for their steaks but I would have traded my steak for more dessert. The icebox pie had butterfingers and oreo in it. Next time I will just order an appetizer and dessert!

Sunday morning we went to church and class and then headed home for lunch and a nap. Our kids are to the age that we can turn a movie on and say don't go outside and Jonathan and I can take a nap. Parenting at it's finest...

We ended our weekend with a game of beanboozled and the good dinosaur. Quick note on beanboozled- it is disgusting... You spin a wheel and eat the color that the arrow lands on, it is either a good bean or a bad bean. I kept picking the bad beans- baby wipes, skunk, moldy cheese... Poor Henry would chew on a bean and say that was good and we would smell his breath and it would smell like moldy cheese or baby wipes... I'm going to buy this game for the kids to play at great wolf lodge...

That is it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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