Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites.

Today, Lucy's school is having crazy hair day and/or pj day! She was super pumped!

She was also super pumped that her tooth is hanging on by a thread. I begged her to let me pull it but she wanted to lose it at school so that she could go to the nurse and get a treasure box.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my mentor. I showed up and she had a beautiful lunch prepared outside. She pulled out her cloth napkins, tea cups, special dishes and made a homemade quiche. Two things, I love her and I wanted to take pictures of her, her food, and her tea cup drawer! But I didn't because I didn't want to scare her away... She gave me this little pot of blue hydrangeas... did y'all know that these are my favorite!

Carla, my mentor, also told me her cooking secret. She follows a recipe. What? She said she used to throw things together but now she follows a recipe and it took her cooking to the next level. So, I made a pinterest board of recipes from the two sources she gave me. Cooking Light and Cooks Illustrated. 

This is Henry's favorite youtube video. Have you heard of Daddy Finger? He likes the dinosaur version!

Spring Cleaning- I have too much stuff... I need to take my house one drawer at a time and get rid of things... I love when things are clean and organized but I don't love to clean and organize. If my counters are cluttered, I open a drawer and rake everything into it.... Out of sight, out of mind... It's a talent really. 

*Coming soon*
I'm working on a cancer series. It will be both informational and humorous.
How to help your friend when they are diagnosed.
The right things to say/ The wrong thing to say
How to prepare for treatment.
What to expect.
How to talk to your kids about cancer.
How to destress..

That's it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weekly Happenings.

 Last week, I had the honor of watching Henry's best good friend. I've found the older my kids get, the easier it is to watch their friends because they play together and I can get things done.

I took the kids to a birthday party at another friends house.

and things got wild!


This weekend we had snuggle tv time. When they aren't fighting, they really do love each other.

Sunday, we celebrated J's one year of bucking up!

Sister Laura has been sick so mom and I have been keeping the twins! My kids love Addison and Preston.
Lucy and I sported our matching LuLaRoe! Verdicts in- I love them. They are super soft and felt like pj's. Erica has a party every monday showcasing new styles, colors and prints.

Sorry, I have this really blurry picture to show you...

 Lucy dressed herself...

Your friends know you well when they call late afternoon to see if you want to fit in a workout... yes, yes I do. Leg day and I'm still sore.

 Did y'all know I have the most thoughtful friends.

  Still watching these babies.

 Tuesday, Lucy stayed home from school because of a rash and allergies. A trip to the Dr. was in order.

 We played shopkins and princesses.

 and played outside.

 After I finished tucking Henry into bed, I found these two in my room sorting shopkins.
 Lucy taught daddy the difference between singles, pairs and twins. By the end I thought these two were going to go to walmart because twins became an obsession...

We lost power this week and while Jonathan was doing a house sweep with his flashlight he discovered how cool my disco ball really is...

Yesterday was the last bible study of the year... I'm super bummed. Every year is my favorite study. Every group is my favorite group! Bible study is where I developed all my lasting friendships. Sure, we all are in the same fellowship class but bible study is where we share our thoughts, hearts and tears. It's a place to be vulnerable to the Lord and to each other. A place where we share our brokenness. I love my broken-people. The more broken the better. If you are broken and want to attend Stonebriar Womens Bible study would love to have you. There is a summer study and then we pick back up in the fall! Our fall study is on Romans!

That's it.

Thank you all for all the sweet comments on my last post about our one year, I loved reading the comments here on the blog and on the Trust Without Borders facebook page. I love that y'all have loved us even when we aren't easy to love. Thank you for the encouragement and prayer. I also loved hearing from people I didn't know- what an honor it is to have people who don't know us in real life pray for our family! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A story...

Henry is so bad. Mostly at night. We were putting him to bed 10 times a night and then he would get a spanking. Guys, spankings just made him mad and act worst. I tried locking him in the room. I told J we couldn't spank him anymore because his tush is made of metal... (I'm really not a bad mom- locking in room and spankings...)

The other night, I wrapped my 42 lb baby up in a blanket so his arms and legs couldn't move and I held his head in one arm and draped his body on my lap and his legs hung off the other arm... I swaddled my 4 year old... And he fought me. "Mom, let me go!, Mom, I can't move. Dad! Help!" He tried to kick, he tried to break free. And then he quit struggling, and I felt him melt into my arms. We rocked back and forth and I shushed in his ear, just like when he was a newborn. When I looked down he was asleep. Secure in my arms, wrapped in my love, he fell asleep.

I cried. This is how God loves us. He is opened arms trying to hold us. When we run-sometimes we might get a spanking... But what God really wants is to take us in His arms, securely wrap us with his protection and rock us with his love. When we stop fighting the temptation to rest in his arms, that's when good things start happening.

Do you know the relief of not being in charge? What ever you are fighting or struggling with, hand it over to God, and crawl in his arms and rest in the fact that he will take care of you. Just like Henry, you are not in charge!

I love when God gives me moments in life where I can learn more about him. He does it a lot with parenting.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Review: It's been a year since the beginning of cancer.

 It's been a year since Jonathan's seizure, finding of the mass-which we would later find out was brain cancer. Today, one year ago, Jonathan had brain surgery. Surgery on his brain. I'm going to be totally honest with y'all... I'm having a hard time getting through this week, my PTS is in full force and I remember ever detail to the fullest. I am reliving every moment of last year.

Yesterday, we celebrated the only way we know how, WITH CAKE! And just like the day of his seizure we celebrated with a BUCK UP BUTTERCUP cake. 

We have learned a lot this year and continue to learn everyday.
1. I can't fix this and I quit trying.
2. The difference in having faith and having to live out your faith. (money where your mouth is..)
3. God is close to the broken-hearted. Jesus drags me out of bed every morning and God gives me just enough strength for that day. Mary Bost is the weakest person I know. She has no strength. (Except my biceps... and I am a squatting fool..) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me... He really is holding me up.
4. How to live for the day, that's all we have- I can't see past today.
5. How to surrender every single day. Every morning, "God, your will, your way." 
6. God has made me fearless. I don't always want to do what is in front of me but I have no fear.

Now for a funny story. My PTS just reminded me that a year ago, Jonathan was taken back for his 6 hour surgery and I fell apart. Full panic attack and my family prayed over me and then my mom drugged me and I slept for the majority of his surgery. I don't remember much of the in between time but my friends and family tease me about eating a burrito. I remember it being a good burrito, maybe the best I've ever had but in my drugged state I gave running commentary of every single bite, flavor, texture, bean, etc... Someone should have probably filmed it...

Anyway, yesterday we celebrated.

 Not sure what's wrong with my kids...


I needed to be surrounded by friends and they showed up. These girls have loved me through a lot, I'm not an easy friend to have  but they love me and let me vent, cry, laugh, cuss and sit silent.

Alright, I need a little positive affirmation... I'm needy I guess. If you read this blog, if you have followed our story, if you've been encouraged or offended, if you like my hair, or think my husband is really handsome I'm going to need to hear from you today.. Maybe you are a friend, maybe you are a stranger... I don't know who you are unless you leave a comment... Brain Cancer, now you have to do it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it.