Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Secret: Rent the Runway

If I really wanted to impress y'all I wouldn't let you in on this secret. If I know something good I want to share it with my people. I rented a dress and I loved it. I plan to do this for all the events: galas, weddings, getaways, birthday parties, Tuesday... From now on if you like what I'm wearing it's either from Frisco Resale or Rent the Runway

So last Friday I got a text from Jonathan and it said, "This might be the weirdest thing you have ever ordered... Did you rent something? Is there a body in this bag?" I had to admit to renting a dress. My theory on this was I could buy a new dress and never wear it again (like the last two full price outfits I bought) or I could rent a really expensive dress and pay $30! 

So my dress arrived in this bag. 

So now you know my secret... Not only did rent the dress, I rented the necklace too! Again, it was either go buy something or rent a necklace for a little bit of money. I loved this Kate Spade necklace and I received so many compliments all night on both pieces!

You can even rent bags, hats and sunglasses. 

I felt like a million bucks! 
So like I said I never let a deal go by without telling my friends... Look who else joined in on the fun! Pamela looked like 5 million dollars in this $700 dress but smart lady only spent $35 for this amazing rental. 

I rented this dress for my mom as a backup dress and she didn't end up wearing it but I'm thankful we had a backup plan and I'm thankful her dress came in because she looked like a 1 million bucks.

Alright, there you have it. You know all my secrets. What I love about the site is you can type in your measurements and it will help you find a dress, also the reviews are so helpful and they carry sizes 0-22W. There is something for everyone: prom dresses, wedding dresses, formal, casual, tops and bottoms.  Now somebody get married so I can rent another dress. 

 If you follow this link, you will get $20 off your first order!

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