Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A story...

Henry is so bad. Mostly at night. We were putting him to bed 10 times a night and then he would get a spanking. Guys, spankings just made him mad and act worst. I tried locking him in the room. I told J we couldn't spank him anymore because his tush is made of metal... (I'm really not a bad mom- locking in room and spankings...)

The other night, I wrapped my 42 lb baby up in a blanket so his arms and legs couldn't move and I held his head in one arm and draped his body on my lap and his legs hung off the other arm... I swaddled my 4 year old... And he fought me. "Mom, let me go!, Mom, I can't move. Dad! Help!" He tried to kick, he tried to break free. And then he quit struggling, and I felt him melt into my arms. We rocked back and forth and I shushed in his ear, just like when he was a newborn. When I looked down he was asleep. Secure in my arms, wrapped in my love, he fell asleep.

I cried. This is how God loves us. He is opened arms trying to hold us. When we run-sometimes we might get a spanking... But what God really wants is to take us in His arms, securely wrap us with his protection and rock us with his love. When we stop fighting the temptation to rest in his arms, that's when good things start happening.

Do you know the relief of not being in charge? What ever you are fighting or struggling with, hand it over to God, and crawl in his arms and rest in the fact that he will take care of you. Just like Henry, you are not in charge!

I love when God gives me moments in life where I can learn more about him. He does it a lot with parenting.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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