Tuesday, April 5, 2016

{April Goals}

{April Goals}

1. Start my day with Jesus. 

This was on my march goal list and it helped me get out of bed to have my one on one time with JC. THis shouldn't be a goal it should be habit.. I'm working on that. It takes 21 days to build a new habit, but I'm a slow learner so lets give it another 30. 

2. Invite a family over for dinner. 
We have our dinners for 6 planned at the end of the month but I'm hoping to have another family over before that. 

3. Finish a book...
Still reading fervent. It is so good but I'm taking my time and chewing on every single word. 

4. Go on a girls trip. 
This was already planned and I'm excited! I wanted to list it so I would have something to mark off. 

5. Plan Henry's birthday party.

6. Get better at laundry.. fold and put away on the same day. 

7. Learn to love cooking. 
Are my kids the only kids that want to eat 3 times a day? goodness, let's eat cereal for dinner and call it a day... 

{March Goals Revisited}

Maybe if I write it down on the internet I'll actually do it...

1. Start my day with Jesus. I did pretty good with this. If I didn't get up early, I made sure to have quite time at some point during the day. It's just easier and I feel better when I do it first thing. 
My quiet time has been lacking in the early morning. I've substituted a little extra sleep for Jesus-time.  So far, I've been getting up with my first alarm, 5:20 comes early! It makes such a difference when I start my day in the word and prayer before everyone gets up. 

2. Invite a family over for dinner. I love getting to know new and old friends! 
The last two dinners I've scheduled have been cancelled due to chemo week being changed. So, I'm going to make those up. 

I told a friend I was going to have two families over at a time for dinner to get to know new/old people in our class and so far I've had zero people over. This friend said that is a good idea and actually followed through with the dinners and has cycled through many families. 

3. Eat healthier. Lot's of salads and smoothies. 
Remember when I said the Bosts weren't going to eat anything that God didn't make. Well, we've been slacking- I've been sneaking chocolate and cheetos have made their way back into our pantry... Also, stick to my meal plan. 

4. Exercise more. I've been exercising except for this week... but it's only tuesday, so things could turn around. 
I have to stop planning appointments during my gym time. I'm in a better mood when I make it to the gym. 

5. Read a book. Still working on it. 
Y'all know I have an obsession with books. Mainly buying books and then not reading them. Well, my accountability partner and I are going to read a book on prayer. Hopefully that will start a reading obsession and I'll cycle through my nightstand books.
6. Rock the Stay-cation Spring Break! We had a great spring break! Ready for summer! 
We have little plans all throughout the week!

This is more a to-do list rather than a goals list but whatevs..

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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