Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites: Beauty Faves

Just linking up to list some of my favorite beauty items. 

1. Coppertone Gradual Tan- this never leaves streaks and you don't look orange. It's the perfect rub on tan.

2. Mac highlighter - I had never used a highlighter before this Christmas. I'm a big fan. I think it adds a new layer to your makeup. Be careful, if you use to much instead of giving yourself a glow, you will look sweaty. (The one I have is a Christmas special but they have another one here)

3. Lancome Highlighter/contour brush- I love lancome brushes because they last. I've had two lancome brushes for 10 years and they are still going strong.

4. Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus- I have used these pencils since I started wearing makeup. It is a lipstick/lipliner combo. Lipstick is nothing without lipliner... These stay all day long. I wear Sweet Marmalade in spring/summer and Spice Sachet in Fall/Winter.

5. Merle Norman Wicked Lash- I like mascara... The thicker the better... I think it's my southern roots. This is thick and makes your lashes look long.

6. Lancome base coat mascara- this came in a free gift this year and I've loved using it. I apply before my mascara. It really does lengthen your lashes. Also, a tip I learned from my sales lady- apply your base and mascara in vertical strokes with the tip. It works.

7. Lancome liquid eyeliner- My sister has used this for years and her eyes have always looked great. I just started wearing eyeliner in the past few years. I don't like stuff near my eyes so I always had a hard time applying. This liquid liner goes on easy and quick.

8. Merle Norman blush- I wear teakwood most of the time. Again, I think it's my southern roots because I like to wear the blush, if you can't see it then I haven't put enough on. I had my makeup done and once the lady was done my sister said to her, "it looks good, but put some blush on her cheeks!" Subtle is not my specialty.

9. Aussie Mousse- I rotate between garnier and aussie, gel and mousse. They tame my curls but don't limit them...

10. Clinique 3-step cleanser/moisturizer- I've used the three step system since I was pregnant with Henry. It gets it clean and the moisturizer feels really light. I also wash my face day and night. I only implemented night face washing 2 years ago... after all my friends told me how gross it was to sleep in makeup... peer pressure... they make me exercise too.

Drink water, it hydrates the skin...

That's all the advice I have.

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Thank you!

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