Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Monograms, Brownies, and Walmart.

Kelly's Korner is having a monogram swap. In the next year I will be unloading a ton of monogram items- I'm looking for a girl named - LUCY or LBA and a little boy named HENRY or HBD... I might have some L and H things too. Let me know if you have these kids names or initials.

I let this kid go to school like this because he dressed himself and was so proud. I'm sure the school thinks we are crazy.

I tried to do one of those cool outfit posts that shows your whole outfit and shoes and jewlery and lipstick and hairspray but it's really harder than it looks. I just wanted to show off my new shirt because I love it and it is from Wal-mart and it was $9. My jeans are also from walmart and were $8 and they are my favorite-soft, stretch, comfortable.
 I'm going to work on my mirror game as well... I'm pretty sure if I popped my rear back and my hips forward it would give the illusion of a thigh gap... I'll test that theory and get back to you. Also please note that I have been painting this mirror for 3 years... Not sure why I haven't finished it.

Do you want to know the best part about cancer? I met V.C. She's a blessing who helps me with housework because sometimes you have to let some things go. I opened up my pantry yesterday and she had cleaned out and organized my pantry... See, Blessing.

Dessert. Do you want to know my favorite desserts? The only two things that I can't turn down are Ice cream cake and chocolate brownies. (cookie cake would be third) I can be totally strict with my diet and then a brownie comes up and bet your bottom I'm going to eat it. The other day I indulged in a chocolate brownie that had a layer of peanut butter and Reese's on top!

Then there was this jewel of a dessert!
Also, I don't buy brownie mixes or try to tempt myself with desserts but if I come across one I'm going to eat it!

This guy turned 36 on Monday and I loved looking back at all his old baby pictures. My Henry looks just like him! Lucy does too, but Henry is identical. 

That's it,  all I know.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it.

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