Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: Online Boutiques

Today I am sharing my favorite online shopping places besides amazon... 

 The Best Dressed Child
Hands down my favorite children's store. They have the best sales and they carry sweet boy clothes, smocked and unsmocked.

This is less than $13. Marked down from $52. 

This is less than $18, marked down from $72. And it comes in a 6... (Henry has this and looks so sweet)

This letop is $13, marked down from $52. 

Razorback fans, this is $8! Marked down from $32.
Also see here for additional razorback sale- half off smocked. 

There's tons of stuff in the sale section! 
(They didn't ask me to do this nor do I get paid for it. I'm just passionate about a deal!) 

 Now if you want some high quality monogramming then this is my favorite shop!
Elizabeth Monograms! She is wonderful to work with and quick on delivery. And she is sweet as pie in real life!

 I only found this yesterday when I was looking for birthday invitations. They had some day digital delivery! 

I found this shop around Christmas. These monograms make excellent Christmas gifts!

This is Jonathan's cousins (almost cousins...) shop. It's located in Arkadelphia but she has great sales online through her facebook shop.

That's it.. all I know.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it.

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