Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hail Storm

Yesterday our fellowship class play date was cancelled because it was going to rain. Well a couple of us decided since we had already told the kids they were going to play with their friends that we would just meet at the chickfila. So we did.

The kids played for two hours and we chatted it up. It was starting to turn dark outside so we decided to make it home before it rained. As soon as I buckled up my kids and drove away the tornado sirens went off and then the sky poured giant balls of hail...

So a friend in front of me decided to pull under an awning at the fire-station (because it was right there) but to our surprise all the firemen's cars were under the awning. So we sat and waiting almost under an awning but not covered at all. We just sat and watched as the hail beat down on us... helpless..

Then Lucy lost it. She was hysterical. She is a worrier. I turned and looked at her and said, "Goose, what do we do when we are scared?" And in-between gasping breathes she said, "Mom, I keep praying that God will make this stop but it just keeps coming down! Maybe he can't hear me."

In the moment I wanted to cry with her. I couldn't fix this for her. So we prayed together. We thanked God for the storm, for the hail beating down on us(If i was smarter I would know what hail was composed up and why it is important..), for the rain, for always hearing our prayers and even when things are scary for giving us a peace and for protecting us.

And then the clouds opened up and the sun shown through and a rainbow appeared! Just kidding, the hail continued to beat the crap out of us. But there is always a calm after the storm and minutes later the sirens stopped and we drove home quickly. We were thankful to be home.

Things went back to normal and I cooked dinner and the kids went out to play. When I called them in to my surprise they were covered head to toe in mud and had two giant ziplocks full of hail! They were so excited about their collection! They even put it in the freezer to show daddy! That was both of their highs for the night- collecting the hail!

Sometimes the best lessons come from our kids, like reading the childrens' bible- God simplifies it for you.

Sometimes we are given storms. And they suck. And they beat you down. And you are scared. And you are helpless. And even when you pray they don't stop. Then you get out of the storm. And you find that the joy and the reward wouldn't be possible without the scary/beat down part of the storm.

Have you found joy from a storm?

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it.  

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