Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Review: Waco Girl's Trip!

Friday afternoon, Marci and Elizabeth, pulled up to my house and girls weekend officially started! We have been looking forward to this for weeks now! We had more fun talking and laughing all the way to Waco. 

So why Waco? We went junkin'. Junkin is our Cardio... (that was a shirt that we kept quoting)

We arrived in Waco at 5ish. We quickly checked into our hotel, the residence inn. We thought the silos were close to the hotel and they were... extremely close. The silos close at 6 and we arrived at 5:50 and walked in the doors at 5:55... and they let us in and closed the doors. We were the only ones there! Basically Chip and Jojo gave us a private tour, except they weren't there...


 I like to take pictures of plants for ideas.


See nobody was there. 

Saturday morning we got up early, got ready and were out the door. Since we knew The silos would be crazy busy with a line out the door we decided to start at a few other places. We started at The Redery, super cute and across the street from Magnolia.

Then we headed to La Salle street. We started a flea market, then an outdoor flea market, then we found two real treasures. First, Junque in the trunk, this might have been my favorite store. It had old, new and reproductions.

   Right next door is a shop called The Shades of Shabby. When you walk in the door they offer you the choice of water or a Dr. Pepper. I took a Dr. Pepper because YUM! The girls at this store were super cute and super sweet and they gave us a ton of food recommendations.
 Next on our list was Harp Design Co. I wanted everything in his shop...

After Harp we ran back by Magnolia Market at the silos. Again, the crowd level was low later in the day. We ended our shopping day at SPice, which is an indoor market.

We did all the shops down Austin street: Junque Queens, Sironia, Salvage Sisters and HOney's Home + Style. Honey's was expensive, like we giggled through the whole store... I found a pillow, in my head I thought "surely you can afford a little pillow.." It was $400... We quickly left...

What I loved most about this trip:
1. these girls are the best! Marci and I have been besties for 8ish years. She was my friend in my adult Bentonville days, we rocked the methodist church... We don't talk everyday but we make an effort to talk at least once a week. She loves fiercely and will do anything for anybody! She also packs a snack bag like nobody I know!! Elizabeth and I went to middleschool to highschool together, I wish I could say we were close friends but we weren't (but we liked eachother) I was awkward, with awkward hair.. We agreed that God didn't waste our friendship in highschool because he knew we would be better friends as adults! I'm so thankful he did because Elizabeth might be the funniest person I know and she loves Jesus and I'm glad she is in mine and Marci's life. (Marci and Elizabeth rock the baptist church together..)
2. we all love to eat! You know it's going to be a good day when the first thing ordered was Guacamole and Queso! Dips are my love language..
3. We laughed until the wee hours of the morning... or until 11 or 12. That's late for three mamas.

I'm looking forward to our next trip!

While I was away Jonathan did an excellent job holding down the fort.

Soccer practice, ET, Soccer game, ponytail, and church!
 and they pulled out all the shoes...

God is bigger than this and JEsus can fix-it. 

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