Thursday, April 7, 2016

Weekly Happenings: Babies, lunch, MRI and dinosaur hair

I started my week off holding a newborn baby! Remember gym-time Heather squatting at 39 weeks, well she wasn't at the gym Monday because she squatted that baby right out on Sunday! 

Julie and I headed to the hospital to have lunch with Heather and to hold baby Logan! And she promised us cookie cake, so we were all in! 

I always forget how small newborns are, I only know giant children now. 

We have prayed for this baby and his mama since he was first announced. Heather has a beautiful story and I'm hoping she will share it on my blog one day... (no pressure, except now everyone wants to hear it...)


Tuesday, I had lunch with these ladies. They confronted why I never volunteer in the nursery and I had to explain that I hate kids..It was awkward for all of us.. Just kidding, we laughed and talked about aging, Jesus, whiskers, bodily functions, and child-rearing.  (If you don't know these ladies, they are all in charge of  different department of childrens ministry at our church and I love them)  

 To end my Tuesday, a friend called and said I made you dinner and I'm bringing it over. I liked to be bossed around and I like to eat so it was the perfect combination! When I opened the door to greet my friend with dinner I was also greeted with a package full of breakfast foods and coffee and the cutest signs (that I didn't take a picture of..) Thank you friends. You made my Tuesday!

and my kids week with all the doughnuts!

Wednesday was MRI day. Jonathan and I left the house at 6:15 and arrived downtown by 7:10. He had a 7:30 MRI scheduled. 

While he was busy getting scanned I read my reading material. 
 Except I didn't and read US weekly instead.

Us waiting on the results. Our Dr. is always quick to tell us Your Results look great! Jonathan and I could both tell a difference between this scan and his last.

While we were in Dallas at the Dr. My mom was watching the kids. She got Lucy sent off to school and then took Henry with her to Bible Study. Since we go to the same bible study Henry was able to go to the nursery like usual... Except there was an accident... And Henry's head knocked out our buddies teeth! Apparently Henry's head is made out of steel and poor Moses' teeth didn't stand a chance.

 He's still the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I'm thankful that I know his mama so I could call and apologize and I'm glad we could laugh it off even though it's not funny. I'm sure this is the first of many accidents for both of the boys! Kristen also has a beautiful adoption story and I'm hoping she will share it here as well. (no pressure, but now everyone wants to know) Also, Kristen is on fire for JC! Passionate! I love to hear her speak in bible study. She makes me want to be like her!

I met up with my mama and sister for our Wednesday lunch. Henry only plays phones when he is with his manna and he gets a little addicted.. I have to ask him, "Are you addicted." "no, i not dicted."

 Wednesday, we ended the day with another generous gift from a friend! I love cookies but I love this family more. Thank you for thinking about us!

Today is Donuts with Dads at Henry's school! Henry was so excited to take his daddy with him to school! Every morning Henry wants to come up with new dinosaur hairstyles and this morning we did the stegosaurus because moms dilophosaurus and triceratops styles need some work.... And to Henry's delight daddy walked out with Spinosaurus hair! Guys, Henry knows all the dinos and they all have scientific names!

Jonathan and His mini me.

While they were eating donuts, I settled for a green smoothie and some blog time. Now, I'm spending the afternoon helping wrap baskets for the Frisco Family Service OneGala which is next week! It should be a fun night of auctions! 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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