Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weekly Happenings

 Our week started off with a birthday party for daddy! The kids each picked out a gift. Henry gifted pop-tarts because they are his favorite and because I banned them from our house... Lucy gave her daddy a Date with Lucy coupon, which he loved and can't wait to cash in soon. As a family we gave him cash money for computer nerd gadgets.

Did y'all know that I have the greatest friends?  Jonathan started round #9 of chemo this week but enjoyed a brownie after day #1 was over.

Tuesday I received the sweetest package from a friend. I've never heard of Lularoe until this friend started selling it but it is the softest material I have ever felt! I'm looking forward to adding to my collection. Also, she gifted Lucy matching leggings! I'm looking for us a top and then we are going to sport those suckers around town! Full report once I try them out! You can check out all the fun prints and styles Here! 
 Bible study and brownie- I had to look up a lot of verses so I did it infront of the computer.

 Homework fun with Lucy. Homework is not fun for either one of us. Lucy always says, "Mom, I've worked hard all day long at school, I just want to come home and relax and not read or do spelling words!"

One of the great things about chemo weeks is that our church started providing meals. At first I turned this down but our childrens' ministy leader Bossed me into taking them and they really have been a blessing! Thank you to all of you who do this for our family.

 Wednesday, Lucy and I started our day with the book fair.

And Henry got himself dressed because he is a big helper...

Wednesday was our last bible study lesson. I'm super sad. Each year is my favorite study and my favorite group. I'm sad that we only have fellowship left next week and then it's over! We mourned the end with Lunch at Chuy's and decided that we would have a standing lunch date this summer. Love these girls and their love for Jesus.
 We missed those who didn't make it and look forward to you joining us this summer! Chuy's dip for everyone!

 So I've been praying for a mentor since last summer. I told a group to be on the look out for a lady who loved Jesus, but was a little crazy. (lipstick on the teeth would be a bonus) Our church announced a new mentor group that was just starting and I went and I was blessed by finding a woman who is outgoing and passionate about JC. God planned this little treasure and she is a blessing for sure. She texts to see how she can pray for me that day, or how can she be Jesus to me today. She blessed us with dinner last night and it's like she has known me for years- Watermelon and Kabobs- delicious.

Today was cowboy day, I don't know if that is true but Lucy said it was.. So, we dressed up!
 She also ate a brownie for breakfast.
 I'm not sure why my kids don't look like me but I'm thankful they look like their daddy because I love looking at his face.

Other weekly happenings- Lucy and I have had our first two sex conversations. After the first one it became way less awkward... I'm just going to say it started with a Rooster and Hen make an egg, Am I half you and half Daddy? And "God blessed us with you" and "Semen and Egg= baby" were not sufficient answers... We went through the who, what, when, why and how... Y'all can pray for us and our future discussions. If I ever write a parenting book (fumbling through child-rearing) this discussion will definitely be included...

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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