Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weekly Happenings.

 Last week, I had the honor of watching Henry's best good friend. I've found the older my kids get, the easier it is to watch their friends because they play together and I can get things done.

I took the kids to a birthday party at another friends house.

and things got wild!


This weekend we had snuggle tv time. When they aren't fighting, they really do love each other.

Sunday, we celebrated J's one year of bucking up!

Sister Laura has been sick so mom and I have been keeping the twins! My kids love Addison and Preston.
Lucy and I sported our matching LuLaRoe! Verdicts in- I love them. They are super soft and felt like pj's. Erica has a party every monday showcasing new styles, colors and prints.

Sorry, I have this really blurry picture to show you...

 Lucy dressed herself...

Your friends know you well when they call late afternoon to see if you want to fit in a workout... yes, yes I do. Leg day and I'm still sore.

 Did y'all know I have the most thoughtful friends.

  Still watching these babies.

 Tuesday, Lucy stayed home from school because of a rash and allergies. A trip to the Dr. was in order.

 We played shopkins and princesses.

 and played outside.

 After I finished tucking Henry into bed, I found these two in my room sorting shopkins.
 Lucy taught daddy the difference between singles, pairs and twins. By the end I thought these two were going to go to walmart because twins became an obsession...

We lost power this week and while Jonathan was doing a house sweep with his flashlight he discovered how cool my disco ball really is...

Yesterday was the last bible study of the year... I'm super bummed. Every year is my favorite study. Every group is my favorite group! Bible study is where I developed all my lasting friendships. Sure, we all are in the same fellowship class but bible study is where we share our thoughts, hearts and tears. It's a place to be vulnerable to the Lord and to each other. A place where we share our brokenness. I love my broken-people. The more broken the better. If you are broken and want to attend Stonebriar Womens Bible study would love to have you. There is a summer study and then we pick back up in the fall! Our fall study is on Romans!

That's it.

Thank you all for all the sweet comments on my last post about our one year, I loved reading the comments here on the blog and on the Trust Without Borders facebook page. I love that y'all have loved us even when we aren't easy to love. Thank you for the encouragement and prayer. I also loved hearing from people I didn't know- what an honor it is to have people who don't know us in real life pray for our family! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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