Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Review

I loved this long weekend! Friday the kids were out of school! Since daddy works from home on Fridays we had to get out of the house. I decided we would go to legoland since we hadn't been there in a while and because we have a membership until August. 

The kids were super pumped!

Henry was so excited this trip because he is 4, which means he can drive the little cars! He has waited his entire life for this moment!


Lucy was tall enough to ride this ride by herself! She ended up sharing the ride with random little girl in line who actually goes to our church!

Henry was stuck with me...

Obviously, he was thrilled!

 After a fun day of playing in grapevine, we headed back home to eat dinner with daddy. Pizza for the win!

Saturday, we had a work day. We headed to home depot as a family and then Lucy and I hit the grocery store! Lucy wanted to look at shopkins and if she would have known that the walmart was out I doubt she would have gone!

After grocery shopping and lunch, we started working on the yard. Do you know what I love about yard work? It's instant gratification! New mulch and a few new plants instantly improved our yard.
Sunday, we were running late! Henry and I argued on what he was going to wear to church. He didn't want to wear any of the shorts that I picked out. I told him to go upstairs and get dressed. He came down with inside-out gym pants on... And I said, "great, let's go!" I threw Lucy's hair up in a messy bun and we hit the road!

Monday we headed to the Coble's to enjoy their company, cooking and pool! Jonathan got Lucy's glasses for free through a website and she thinks they are the greatest thing ever! I think she's the greatest thing ever...

My love.

My sister.

Our baby boys!

And here I am today. I'll be doing laundry if you need me today.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's Talk: Summer Plans

I had planned on sharing some fun things happening in Frisco this summer and today there is a link up on Summer plans!

My plans include: swimming, grilling and not over-scheduling ourselves!

Our Summer Plans

School Ends! Praise the Lord! (in August, School starts! Praise the Lord!)

Henry swim lessons! 2 weeks of backyard swimming! I'm praying he is a professional by the end!

Sports Camp. This is a great opportunity for kids to get a taste of all the sports without signing up for a whole season! There is also a week for special needs children.

Week 1: June 20-24
Week 2: June 27-July 1
Week 3: July 11-July 15
Week 4: July 18-July 22**

Vacation Bible School. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn about JC and to get some extra energy out before bed!

Monday–Friday, June 13-17, 6-8:30 p.m.

StoryTime Story time with some of my favorite people! This is great for preschoolers to 4th grade. 

June 21: Sports (Click HERE to Register)
July 19: Happy Birthday, America! (registration opens June 22)
August 16: Career Day (registration opens July 20)
Library Summer Reading We are doing a lot of reading this summer. There are also a lot of great activities at the library that we hope to attend!

We have a few trips planned as well. 
Summer vacation- Colorado

Arkadelphia, AR- We have to take our kids back to Arkansas to reintroduce them to hills, trees, nature! 

I hope to make a quick trip up to NWA this summer as well. 

Swimming, Reading, Relaxing and eating watermelon in-between! 
(and chemo... but that is a downer..)

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites

Henry had his last day of prek-3 yesterday! That went fast! He has grown so much this year! 

Look at that little face! 

 Comparison shot- last day vs. first day. (look at Jonathan's hair growth too! Radiation has nothing on his hair!)

First Day of school this year vs. First day of school last year!
Last day of school 2016 vs. First day of school 2014

Watermelon season...
If I had to pick one food to eat the rest of my life it would be watermelon. Also, how do you cut a watermelon? My sister peels it like this. This was the first time I tried it and it was pretty successful. There's really no good, mess free way to cut a watermelon.

Summer school. I have to come up with a schedule for school work this summer. I'd hate for Lucy to lose all her knowledge over the summer!

She requested this book set. I ordered it this morning, we will be busy reading this summer!


I also amazoned a few workbooks for her. 

And don't forget brother. Henry will be busy learning this summer too. 

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God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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