Monday, May 16, 2016

A Weekend to Remember

Last weekend, Papaw and Cookie arrived and Jonathan and I packed up and left them in charge of the house and kids for the weekend. We traveled about 3 miles down the road and checked into our hotel. We got settled and then picked up our packed for our marriage conference. 

We had two hours to kill before the event started so we grabbed dinner with some of our friends!

How did we all end up at the same event? One person said, "I'm thinking about going to this conference called Weekend to Remember, it's by familylife.." Another said, "I heard about that on the radio and we were thinking about going." I said, "Someone told me that it is amazing and great for your marriage!"

And one thing lead to another... I highly encourage going to this event and even better go to this event with people who love Jesus and love their spouse. Surround yourself with people you want to be like and can learn from, every ounce of these ladies are good! 

I can't help but look at my thumb during a selfie.. Julie was my first friend when we moved to Texas. We attended the dotmom conference together as two people who didn't know each other and left the best of friends. Julie is authentic and an Arkansan. What else do you need?!

The speakers were great and the schedule was packed with great information!
 Everyone was soaking in all the knowledge, except for Holly was too busy digging in her purse..
 The majority of the conference is spent with your spouse- marriage conference but we did get to enjoy a lunch as a group.

And we split up so we could discuss all that we had learned!
  I'm sure the boys did the same thing..

 Saturday night was date night. I enjoy dating my husband but we don't do it near enough! Alone time is precious and we need to be intentional about making more time for just the two of us.  (also, this is my favorite romper ever!)
Julie and Chad stayed at the same hotel as we did, so we saw them more than the others. We enjoyed all the extra time we were able to spend with them too!

We ran into Julie and Chad in the lobby as they were getting ready to leave on their date!

We enjoyed dinner at a hole in the wall Italian restaurant. When we pulled up to a strip mall next to a shell station, I was not impressed. Then we walked inside and were greeted with chandeliers and rustic farm house tables, it was quite the surprise. It was also delicious! We got dessert to go and I was surprised to find the state of Arkansas tiramisu.

It was a great weekend had by all!

some of my take away points-
1. Marriage is our canvas to paint a divine portrait of who God is... talk about game changer, marriage is a real responsibility to show other God's love.

2. I need to work on not interrupting. I'm ADD. If I think of it I usually say it, even if it means interrupting while Jonathan is in the middle of a story.

3. Show gratitude.

This was a great tuneup for our marriage. Nothing said was new but it was a good reminder. Everyday with Jonathan is like a birthday present and I'm glad we get to paint God's divine portrait together!

We were happy to arrive home but we were thrown back into reality immediately. Birthday party, broken dryer and sick kiddo fill my Monday!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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