Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My favorite thing ever!!! and it's in my laundry room.

 Alright, Laundry is my struggle. I hate it. I avoid it. I complain about it. I put it off until I run out of clean undergarments or gym pants! I'm 31 years old, I'm a mom. I have to get this under control.

So I made a real purchase. And it wasn't on sale! I can count on one hand the things I've paid real money on in the past 5 years.

Here it is! Straight off the truck!

My laundry room is part of the problem. Apparently when the house was designed they forgot to work a laundry room into the design, so, they shoved some outlets in a closet and called it a day.

(my dryer is broken and J was fixing it and now we are waiting on a part, excuse the tools) 

That's it.. the whole laundry room. 
 Guys, I'm going to have to name this system because I love it as much as I love my kids!

 Then I ruined it by adding all the laundry!
Already I can tell a difference in my laundry habits! I can see what needs to be accomplished and I get it done, even without a dryer. It's like a physical to-do list. That's it. This sucker has simplified my life!

In case you hate laundry and need something similar, you can purchase at the container store. I stacked two elfa shelves on top of each other. Nobody asked me or paid me to talk about this, I just love it and needed to share it! Also, Jonathan secured this to the wall so that it would not fall on any person or child.

This is a cheaper option from target.

God is bigger than my laundry pile and Jesus will help me wash it. 

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