Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weekend Review: Last Week, Birthday, Mother's Day

Last Thursday was Muffins with Mom at Henry's school! I loved being able to snuggle with my big guy and enjoy some muffins!

I love his sweet little face.

Henry was super excited to eat breakfast with "that sweet clark". -photo by Henry
 You know I love Ms. Julie!
 and Ms. Holly!

 Henry has been into documenting his life lately. I find pictures on my phone like this daily but multiply it by 85.

Summer cooking- spaghetti squash, green smoothie and garlic artichoke.

Last week I had some kid free time with my friend Kristin. We spent the day getting our nails done and eating tacos! We also had a quick trip to costco for some essentials.

Saturday we had no plans. I purposely didn't fill it in so that we could just spend the day at home. We needed a free day and family time.

I did sneak off with my mom early in the morning to hit a few garage sales.
My finds for the week- 1 vintage pyrex dish $1! and Le Creuset pot for $2! I also bought a stack of books and two pairs of shorts. Total spent $8...

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and family time. We played a lot outside and I finally finished my book that I've been reading for 2 months. 

I loved this page of the book because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I've been overextending my time because my discernment of what's important and not has been off and my guilt has been running on high. 

 Water guns for the win.

 Sunday we woke up early and celebrated Henry's birthday! This little boy loves his birthday!

After church we went to my mom's house to celebrate Mother's day/ Henry's birthday! 

This guy loves his cousins! 
and bread. 

 Love my oldest nephew and my mama!  


Back to Mother's Day.
My mama.
If you know her, you love her.
Without my mom, we would not have survived the past year.
She slept at the hospital with me when J was admitted.
She has watched our kids for appointments, dates, or mental health days for me.
She has cooked meals. She has grocery shopped. She has just shown up with dinner.
She drove Jonathan to work for 3 months when he couldn't drive, so that I could have extra time with the kids before we drove to radiation.
She sat with me in the waiting room for 6 weeks during radiation.
She fills in for me at kid appointments if I am stretched thin.
She makes sure I'm not stretched thin...
She hugs, kisses, listens and loves on my kids.
She hired a maid for me so I don't have to clean my house.
She surprises me with nail dates, massages or lunches.
She spends time with me and knows when it's time to talk, listen or take a nap.
She has been the hands and feet of Jesus, and I love seeing him through her.
She is pretty amazing.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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