Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Review

We've had a fun but busy weekend! I try not to fill up our weekends with a lot of stuff because we really just like to have family time!

Jonathan works from home on Fridays, so Henry and I had to get out of the house. We packed up and scooted on down to Flower Mound to see my sister. We decided we would check out a few estate sales and do lunch and the park.

We found a great park that we had all to ourselves. Thankfully nobody was there because I had to potty really bad and those trees made the perfect cover... (My Arkansas came out..)
 The boys enjoyed throwing rocks into the creek.

 Friday night we enjoyed family movie night! Star wars was the featured film.

 Saturday, my mom and I got up super early and hit a few garage sales. I can't wait to show you my finds. A Thrifty finds posts is in the works!

Saturday afternoon, Lucy had her last soccer game!

*Parenting note* Let's teach our kids how to lose. Beat them at something. Teach them to lose gracefully. A girl on the other team would burst out into tears every time we scored a goal, the coach had to rush the field and calm her down... And when they lost she was hysterical... Win well, lose well.

 Henry ran around with a sack on his head.
 Love this sweet team.

 Satuday night we had our Fellowships class Dinners for 6! Love getting to know new couples. We played the newlywed game and I asked a bunch of crazy questions. This picture is at the end when our kids were foot racing, bike racing, scooter racing...


 Sunday we got ready for church!

 Henry received a lot of compliments on his stegosaurus hair.

 Leftover pizza with G-daddy and Manna after lunch.

 After lunch Henry and I traveled down to Dallas for Moses' movie birthday party! Remember when we knocked out all of Moses' teeth? Well they are best friends now and I love his Mama!
Busy but fun weekend had by all!

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