Monday, May 23, 2016

weekend review

We had a fun, but busy weekend! Friday, started off with field day for Lucy! Henry and I surprised her by showing up unannounced! She was excited to see us and we were excited to watch her in her school environment!

Lucy and our Backdoor neighbor Oakley. They have been in class together for the past two years!

 My friend Ashley. Our kids have been in class together for the past two years, too. Ashley has a heart of gold. She is prettier on the inside than on the out, which is hard to believe- because she is so pretty. She loves Jesus and her family serves the Lord. She takes her job as mom seriously, raising two kids to love JC. She can walk in a room and make a friend, she's never met a stranger. I love how she jumps right in to any situation. I'm lucky to call her friend.

 This guy was 90% good during field day. The other 10% was when he wanted me to carry him.. He doesn't understand that he weighs 45 pounds and he has outgrown my hip.

  Lucy racing.
 Henry racing.

After field day, we went back home to have some rest time. Henry refused to take a nap at home. As soon as we got in the car, this guy was out!

I had to check Lucy out early for an allergist appointment.
 Poor kid is allergic to everything... except, cockroach mix, dust mites, Bermuda grass, weeds (ragweed, yes), milk, and cashews....
 After the allergist, we changed into our pjs and headed to a birthday party.
 My friend Kristin was there and I was so happy to get to spend time with her!
 and Bonnie gave us wine, so we were even more excited to be there.
 Henry side walk chalked.

The brothers showed off their muscles.

The sweet birthday girl!

Nail painting is always a winner for little girls!

We had to leave the party early to go to practice around the corner! Henry was excited to play on the playground while Lucy practiced.  My parents met us at the park to take Henry to Flower Mound to spend the weekend with my sister.

Saturday, we spent the day at the ball park for a soccer tournament. Lucy's team played three games! The girls were exhausted by the end but managed to score a combined (all three games) 27 points and only let 2 goals past them. This was our first tournament and it was only one day and it was called the fun fest. Bounce houses and soccer= Lucy's love language! 

Alright, honesty coming up. I don't love to spend my Saturdays at the ball field and I definitely don't push my kids to play things. Yes, they should be active but I'm not going to make them do things they hate. Lucy loves soccer and she is good at it and that is fun to watch.

Remember my simplified living rules? 
Does this glorify God? Lucy will tell you that God made her fast and with a lot of energy and that is how she runs so fast on the field and doesn't get tired. When she prays at nights, "God, thank you so much for helping in that game. I was getting tired and you gave me energy to keep running. You helped us win by making that team not very good..." When you are playing with your talents and giving credit to God, than yes, he is being glorified.

Does this strengthen our family unit and not just an individual? 
One soccer practice and one game doesn't take away from our family time. Henry and I get to have special park time while Lucy is at practice and we do the games as a family. We do not play select ball because 3 practices a week and 3 games a week does not strengthen my family unit but only that one individual...

Do you know who loaned us the tent?... Thank you, manna and g-daddy.
 This was before game 3.

  This tournament we were supposed to have goalies. Our team has never played with a goalie before. Lucy begged the coach to let her be goalie. She said it was pretty boring down there...
 Love this sweet team!
We have 4 of the original players.
October 2013
 May 2014

Sunday, we woke up and went to church.

Big praise: This was the first time that Jonathan was able to attend church on Chemo Week! I'm so thankful for our new Nausea medicine! Friday, Saturday and Sunday are his hardest days and he sat on the ball field all day Saturday, went to church and even worked in the yard on Sunday! Praise the Lord.

The Cobles brought Henry home and the kids got to play for a bit.

Love this picture of Ryan and Jonathan with their mini-mes in front!

That's it. Great weekend. I'm so thankful 1. that Jonathan felt good. 2. we got to give Lucy our undivided attention, which she ate up!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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