Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites: SUYL- Dining Room

 I'm linking up with a home tour blog tour. I love looking at homes and the way people live and decorate! Maybe because I am nosy... Welcome to our dining room.

The dining room opens up to our formal living room.
 I love to enjoy this space with friends! When we have families over, we send the kids to the kitchen table and the adults go to the dining room.

 The dining table and buffet were my grandparents. I always loved sneaking into the "white room", which was their dining room with lots of white carpet and precious breakables, and seeing the adult table. I never got to sit at the adult table at my grandparents but it brings so many special memories when I sit at it now.
 That mirror probably weighs 5 lbs... it looks heavy though. It was an estate sale find.

 The china cabinet was Cookie's grandmother's.

 I house my wedding china and glasses. I still love the Kate Spade polka dot plates and glasses. I try to use these as much as I can: special occasions, parties, birthdays, Tuesday..

Don't tell my grandmother but I leopardized her chairs... And yes, that is a disco ball.

You can read about the rug here... and the secret sale I hit up!
The curtains can be found here.

I've found that jcpenney has the best curtains for the price... The quality is excellent too!

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