Wednesday, June 29, 2016

He's the model parent.

Parenting the kids during the summer time does not bring out the best in me. There is constant fighting, bad decisions, whining, touching and extreme energy from them, not me.  At the end of the day, I unconditionally love my kids- I don't agree with or like their bad behavior or decisions but I love them.

I got the giggles watching my kids yesterday and thinking about how God reacts to us when he watches us during the day.

He can see the future. He knows that a bad decision can spiral out of control. Instead of being a one time event, it could lead to physical harm or addiction.

He knows when we choose to ignore the holy spirit and proceed with sin.
- bad decisions on purpose...

He knows when we don't have love in our heart for his creation.

He knows when we are selfish.

He knows all.

Just like your parent, you can't get anything past Him.

He's in the know. And He still loves us.

Like our own parents, He is a friend while also being a trainer. He is a helper, a nurturer, and an encourager. He is patient. He is for us, not against us. Even when we act poorly, he is there with us. He works on our behalf. He doesn't raise us up to be successful in the world but to be like Jesus. He is the example of the ultimate parent.

Today, I'm going to take a note from His book and parent from a patient, loving place. I'm going to focus on making my kids more like Jesus.  Freedom. Responsibility. Discipline. Love.

I also think God is like- Praise Jesus, they are in bed. I have 6-12 hours to refresh myself until we start again in the morning!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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