Friday, June 10, 2016

Show Us Your Life: Living Rooms

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Today, I'm going to jump into showing your my home! You've seen enough of my crazy life now you see where we house all that crazy! First, I have very eclectic taste. Second, I like what I like. Third, everything is a work in process.  Last, I'm terrible at taking pictures and these are from my phone but A for effort. 

To the right of the foyer, as you walk into the house, you see our formal living room. This room sat empty for the longest time and my kids called it the wrestling room! 
 We rarely go in this room.. Our Christmas trip sits in front of that window. It is a nice room to sit and read, or I'll catch Jonathan asleep on the couch because he knows no one will find him.

I love the buffet! It was my grandmother's and I think of her everytime I walk by or eat at the matching dining room table. The mirror goes with our bedroom dresser but I moved it in here and bought a giant one for our bedroom...

I found our couch new with tags from Frisco Resale... It had a $5500 price tag on it... I paid less than a tenth of that cost...with delivery.
 The chairs were in my memaw's storage shed, they were rat infested and torn to shreds but the bones were good and I had them recovered. The Curtains are found here, it's the best price for 108" curtains. I love the Ikat pillows from pottery barn, I found them on double secret sale.
 I keep all of my treasures in here.

This is our Den, where we actually do all the living.

 It is open to the kitchen.
 I store more of my treasures in here.
 These horse lamps are also from Frisco Resale. As is the piece above our fireplace, I love to tell people it was only $4... The table that the lamps are on is from my memaw's house and I love walking by it and thinking of her.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing how we live!

God's bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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