Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Review: Pool dates, Sports Camp, Puppy Kisses, Smocking and Tennis Shoes.

 I love a weekend that isn't scheduled out. What are you doing this weekend? Oh nothing! Just family time! This weekend we enjoyed some time at the pool with some friends, Lucy finished sports camp, Henry finished his first week of sports camp, Wesley gave kisses, and we learned the meaning of compromise.

Fun at the pool. I love the age that my kids are at because they are independent and can swim by their selves while I just watch from the sidelines. I'm basically a lifeguard.
Lucy loved her week long sports camp at Stonebriar. On Friday, the parent's got to attend and see what the kids had learned!

Lucy loved street hockey and tennis! "but mom, please don't sign me up for lessons."

This was during prayer time.

Saturday, we played with this little guy!
 Wesley Bost is a growing little boy!
  On Sunday, Henry taught me the meaning of compromise or maybe I taught him... Smocking+captain america shoes+mohawk. I'm not sure who the real winner is but we were both happy!

Who do you think won? Mama or Henry? 

That's it! All I know. We have some exciting things planned this week and next!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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