Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Update

Last week Cookie stayed with us to help me out with Jonathan and the kids. It was nice not to worry about meals for a week. Cookie looks in the fridge and then in the pantry and she uses her imagination or "plays chopped" as she would say and creates these delicious meals! Saturday, she left with the kids for a week at cookie and papaw camp! Arkadelphia, if you see my kids make sure you say hello!

I ran Jonathan to a dr.s appointment last week and was going to meet cookie with the kids. By the time I called her, she already had the kids at the mall with new shoes... Henry was very proud of his new kicks! And His new star wars mask. 

The kids had more fun filling up water balloons after a long day of shopping.

  Friday we had a girls day! We did a little shopping and Lucy looked at 5000 pairs of shoes. "Lucy, why do you love shoes so much?", I said. Lucy replied, "Mom, why do you love purses so much?" Got me there...
  Lunch with Cookie after a hair cut.

The kids have loved sleeping with Cookie in the guest room.
 Lucy texted me this picture from Cookie's phone.
 Saturday, Jonathan and I were going to our church progressive dinner. By 5:00 Jonathan was tired and we decided not to go.  I had made manicotti for the dinner portion of the event, so I quickly ran it over to the party before it started... but everyone was already there.

Me + a friend + a dish towel + song of solomon backdrop...
 Love this girl...
 And apparently I am 5...

I got this sweet text from Lucy the other night.
 The kids are having so much fun in Arkansas. I'm so happy that they can experience nature, hills, and trees on their trip... And run on the farm. And fish!
 Visiting Mamaw Vel after church.
 Fishing again!
That's it... not a lot gong on. I plan on cleaning out the kids closets, rooms and playroom! Lucy could grow up to be a hoarder... She can do that when she has her own house... I pulled out some old Matilda Jane that she hasn't worn "Because they look like baby" and she said, "Let's just keep those for the memories".

And that's that... I may have a surprise or two for the kids when they get home or to use as leverage to lure them back home!!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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