Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Birthdays, Thrifts, and Office Tour.

one. Birthday.
My birthday was on Wednesday and I listed the 32 things I've learned in my 32 years.

two. Lucy's Birthday.
Lucy's birthday is tomorrow. My baby girl will be 8 years old. How did that happen? The past 4 years have gone by fast- the first 4 years were pretty slow...

three. Thredup.
Have you heard of thredup? My friend introduced it to me! She kept finding the cutest clothes for her, her daughter and her son! Y'all know I love a good deal! If you sign up here and make a purchase you get $10 off. Also, You get 40% off on your first purchase. I've been searching for the perfect selection for my first purchase! The inventory changes often!

four. Consignment
Speaking of consignment. I've found some great finds on my last visit to the thrift shop. Next week, look out for Thrifty Finds Tuesday. Here's a sneak peak.

Now's the time to do thrift shopping because moms are home and they are cleaning out the house!

five. Chemo
Jonathan finishes round 12 of chemo tonight. He's been doing it for a year and we have one year left to go. HALF WAY. He told the doctor that he wished he didn't have to do chemo for two years... and before anyone could answer I said, "While we are wishing for things, I wish you didn't have brain cancer...." Sometimes I think out-loud... It wasn't very supportive.

six. Presents.
Remember when I told you it was Lucy's birthday tomorrow. Well, ms. Lucy found all of her presents... "Mom, I just saw 2 of the shopkins you bought." She is just like my sister, Laura. There wasn't anything in the house that Laura didn't know about. She used to spider-man up a wall into our attic and tell everyone what they were getting for birthdays or Christmas.

seven. Office Tour.
I'm linking up with KellysKorner to share our office. It's the least interesting room in our house because I haven't done anything with it... But you can see how we live real life.

eight. Wesley the Parti Poodle.
Wesley is going to the groomer today! Update after his first haircut! Is that not the sweetest face?

What are your Friday Favorites?

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