Thursday, July 14, 2016

Horn Creek Family Camp 2016 Summer Vacation

Friday, July 1st, Wesley helped me pack up our clothes and organize all of our camp necessities. 
 July, 2nd, we loaded up the car and headed towards Amarillo for the night.

 Dinner at Red Robin.

 Swimming at the hotel.
 Sunday, we arrived at our destination, Sky Ranch Family Camp at Horn Creek which is located outside of Westcliffe, Colorado.

 Family Camp? For real? You chose to camp with your family and other families for your vacation?
Yes, and we loved every minute of our trip. This was an awesome oppurtunity to spend quality time with our kids and them with us. It had everything we needed at camp and the best part meals were served to us and cleaned up by staff counselors. Guys, that's all I need. Someone to feed me and clean up the dishes!

 We unplugged for the week and enjoyed the outdoors. I would consider myself a beach girl but after spending a week in the mountains I can see why people like them!

I viewed family camp as a time to get away and spend time with our family and when the kids went to bed we were able to enjoy our friends!

 The kids enjoyed having their friends at camp too!

All the entertainment was at camp! Water slides, pool, ziplines, hiking, gun range, bowling, and much more!

 Henry and I decided to do the zipline together.

Jonathan and Lucy zipped together.

This is as far as Henry made it. We got up top and he said, "NO."

I asked Ms. Pam to take pictures for us and I found these jewels.

Since I was already at the top I decided to jump anyways.

We went on a family hike!

My kids actually complained the entire time but it was really good exercise and they were super tired by the end.

and the view was amazing.

We did some family tennis.

My favorite part was that Henry passed out at 6 every night during our group devotion.

This was Lucy's favorite game. GaGa Ball.

Family Carnival Night.

Beautiful Scenery.

Beautiful View.

Floating head.

Henry loved the pony ride!

He also loved the horseback ride.

Family Western Night.

I was really excited about a family picture... then Lucy found the face paint line. (This may be our christmas card)

Henry passed out during the singing portion of the night.

On Thursday we decided to hit the town.

Lucy found her first pair of dangle earings.

Skit night was great- the stonebriar sweeties did awesome!

The Taylors didn't disappoint either.

The boy gang.

On our way home, Henry snapped this picture of Lucy.

I stole the rest of these pictures from peoples' facebook pages! 

This might have been my favorite part of the trip- This little boy gang had more fun shooting stick guns, jumping off rocks, chasing chipmunks, and all things boy!

At night, we gathered and played cards. A lot of nertz was played!

This is the entire stonebriar group!

That's it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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