Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Review: Lucy's 8th Birthday and more!

We celebrated Lucy's 8th birthday on Saturday! I can't believe my little newborn, colicky baby is 8 years old! My how time flies. When she was born and I realized that she cried a lot, I was 95% sure I birthed an A-hole. I'm happy to say that she is the finest child that I've ever met. Full of personality, joy, empathy towards others, people pleaser, funny, good friend and she loves Jesus. (She's an elementary school evangelist as well) Every age is my favorite with this child but 8 is the! Here's a few pictures from our weekend + last weekend.

I took dinner to a friend who has a new baby and then got to hold the lovie. I don't miss the baby days but man babies are so sweet!

Last week we saw the secret life of pets. My favorite part was during a fight scene, Henry stood on top of his chair and started throwing punches and cheering on the violence...

Lucy can't decide if she is a little girl or a big kid... She loves to snuggle and be rubbed on!

Saturday, Lucy and I got dressed up and went on a girls date. Our first stop was the nail salon for a mani/pedi.

Kendra Scott gives a birthday discount to all of its costumers. Since Lucy and I both have July birthdays we took advantage of our 50% off discount.

After girl's day, we went back home to get ready for Lucy's family party. She requested homemade lasagna and icecream cake.

Love this sweet girl.

I took this picture and realized it looked like we were advertising for the container store. We were not...

I made this kid wait all day to open her presents.

Showing off her new jewelry. 

The Birthday girl received a lot of shopkins! I don't get shopkins but she loves them!

Sunday we stayed home from church to let Daddy sleep. This chemo week has been rough. The kids enjoyed resting and playing at home with mama.
Wesley enjoyed resting.

Then we did some drawlering- Drawing+Coloring (Henry speak)

Lucy's new art box from her birthday!

That's it. That was our weekend!
Come back tomorrow fora look at my Thrifty Finds!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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